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China is one of the leading nations in shipbuilding and as a result, many ship owners have placed emphasis in China, many reputed marine equipment manufacturers have also established their sales and services in China.

Those who have experience in building,repairing ships and sourcing marine equipment in China, often cite problems in the selection of suitable shipyards, sourcing the right equipment and spare parts along with the expected quality, as well as other concerns such as communication, knowledge of regulatory framework, etc. Such problems created different levels of difficulties in their Chinese endeavours.

NSM can be your key to success in this rapidly growing and ever developing marine market.

NSM is a company providing new-building & dry-dock referral and supervision services, project management, agency representation of international equipment makers as well sourcingprocurement of marine products & logistics to global customers.

NSM, through our new-building and ship repairing projects over several years, have gained unique and valuable experiences in the Chinese marine market. NSM also owns a procurement team which has been working in the international shipping industry for more than 10 years, and we understand ship owner’s expectations and challenges in this business. With local establishment and competence in China, NSM can act as your one-stop service provider for optimal solutions in ship-building, ship-repairing, marine equipment and spare parts procurement with emphasis on quality timeliness, and cost-efficiency.

NSM believes that a team of people with right knowledge and enthusiasm are the keys to success. NSM has a highly trained and experienced team of supervisors, engineers, surveyors and purchasers, who know how shipyards work, and understand the needs and expectations of ship owners. NSM is ready to help you to achieve its objectives in China, when you need, where you need.


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